Hi! My name is Kirpal 👋

I am a software engineer. I really enjoy building solid mobile apps with fantastic user experiences. I also like analyzing and connecting data, and working with maps. Outside of computers, I love pushing myself through distance running and hiking. I also love food, which I often experience through cooking and trying new dishes. Right now, I'm working at Very Good Ventures, spending my time building Flutter apps and learning all I can from the talented team I get to work with. Please reach out!

What I'm Doing Now (February 2021)

My Projects

College Bot Screenshot

College Bot

A cross-platform mobile application to help students with their college search, built with Flutter.

AirHorn Screenshot


The future of first responder communication, enabling advanced collaboration and response.

Snap Path Screenshot

Snap Path

A tool to quickly and easily map out running, biking, or walking routes. Built with Flutter and Mapbox

WikiHUH? Screenshot


A cross-platform mobile multiplayer game built with and Flutter.

Keyboard Renderer Screenshot

Keyboard Renderer

A blender plugin to generate a 3D model from a json keyboard layout. It is built with python on the blender API


My Tools

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