Hi! My name is

Kirpal Demian

I'm a computer science student at Northeastern University. In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, cooking, and working on coding projects. My favorite book is Shoe Dog, the story of Nike. Contact me if you've got a cool project to work on!

What I'm Doing Now (June 2020)

My Writing

My Projects

WikiHUH? Screenshot


A cross-platform mobile multiplayer game built with and Flutter.

College Bot Screenshot

College Bot

A cross-platform mobile application to help students with their college search, built with Flutter.

Keyboard Renderer Screenshot

Keyboard Renderer

A blender plugin to generate a 3D model from a json keyboard layout. It is built with python on the blender API


My Tools

Flutter icon Flutter
Git icon Git
Javascript icon Javascript
NodeJS icon NodeJS
HTML 5 icon HTML 5
Linux icon Linux
Python icon Python
CSS 3 icon CSS 3