Hi! My name is

Kirpal Demian

I'm a computer science student at Northeastern University. In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, cooking, and working on coding projects. My favorite book is Shoe Dog, the story of Nike. Contact me if you've got a cool project to work on!

What I'm Doing Now(March 2020)

My Projects

WikiHUH? Screenshot


A cross-platform mobile multiplayer game built with Socket.io and Flutter. Learned how to use Socket.io and TypeScript, and how to create a live multiplayer game.

College Bot Screenshot

College Bot

A cross-platform mobile application to help students with their college search, built with Flutter. Gained a deeper understanding of user interface design and app development, and improved web design skills by creating the landing page.

Keyboard Renderer Screenshot

Keyboard Renderer

A blender plugin to generate a 3D model from a json keyboard layout. It is built with python on the blender API

Film Reel Screenshot

Film Reel

An easy to use movie streaming and downloading app. It is built on electron, nodeJS, peerflix, and the YTS API.


My Tools

FlutterGitJavascriptNodeJSHTML 5LinuxPythonCSS 3